About Us

Algerian-born owners Salima and Mehenni Zebentout honor the varied culinary history of North Africa — Berber, and French influences abound — with Nomad, a cozy space in the East Village.

Couscous, phyllo dough, and tajines hold prime positions on the extensive menu, which divides itself into small plates and heavier entrées good for sharing. Standouts include the flavor-packed merguez lamb sausages prepared by hand, and mussels steeped in garlic, cumin, and tomato sauce.

If possible, take up the spacious back room, where Moroccan handicrafts line the shelves and murals of traders decorate the stucco walls — in good weather, head to the enclosed outdoor garden.

For dessert, try the North African cookies, which come in an assortment that includes intricately layered, honey-soaked baklava, and powdery, almond-stuffed cherek, perfect for dipping into sweet tea, served in traditionally small glasses with sprigs of fresh mint. — Laurel Fantauzzo


"Lots of restaurants in NY transport you instantly to Italy, France, Japan and Latin America. How many put you right in the middle of North Africa? Step out of the East Village into Nomad to be dazzled by the glow from copper lamps and hot-coal ovens in an atmosphere that conjures Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, even if you’re never been to those countries. .."Blackboards eats